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Running Experiments To Create Change w/ Dominica DeGrandis of TaskTop

Conor Bronsdon
Dev Interrupted Community Leader obsessed with tech, sustainability, and any sort of board game strategy.
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Change is difficult.

And it’s even more difficult if you’re the one trying to make change happen. But as more organizations start modernizing their software development workflows, like going from story points to cycle time, change is something we need to learn how to implement.

That’s where Dominica DeGrandis comes in.

As the Chief Flow Advisor at TaskTop and author of Making Work Visible, Dominica DeGrandis has been helping teams make big changes for decades. She joins us on Dev Interrupted to explain why change is necessary and how to approach making positive change within your organization.

Listen to the full episode

Episode Highlights include:

  • How to overcome resistance to change
  • Flow and the 3 metrics behind it
  • Strategies for making a new change stick
  • Why Velocity and Story Points don’t work anymore
  • The types of experiments to run within an organization

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