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Discussion on: Indexing objects in TypeScript

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Andrew Bone • Edited

I recently discovered this solution.

declare global {
  interface ObjectConstructor {
    typedKeys<T>(obj: T): Array<keyof T>
Object.typedKeys = Object.keys as any;
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This means later on in your code you can do something like this.

  for (let key of Object.typedKeys(object)) {
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Provided we know what type object is it'll work.

Looking through the code we can see if object is type IOptions then Object.typedKeys(object) will be Array<keyof IOptions> meaning an array of keys for IOptions. Because of this our key gets the type keyof IOptions or key for IOptions.

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MapleLeaf Author

That's a neat way to go about it! I'm not a fan of monkey-patching builtins, though