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This is incredible! I've definitely thought about doing this while camping, but I think that what I haven't figured out is the wireless internet situation. I feel like it might be pretty costly to pay for hotspot, not to mention the possibly less-than-ideal bandwidth speed. Wouldn't hurt to try for one day, though :)


Ya so far other than calls I’m finding that it’s not too bad. I have unlimited data on my phone but 30gb of hotspot. So I do the zoom calls on either my phone or when I’m hooked up to WiFi. I leave the hotspot for minimum stuff and so far it’s working out well


I think I'll be investing in the Weboost. I've heard a lot of good things about it from other Vanlifers for boosting WiFi signals, especially those who work on the road.

Let me know how it goes with that. I've heard great things abiout it.

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