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Laravel Domains Panel

My company has released a tool for the internal control of domains, subdomains, certificates and URLs status.

The software is Laravel 8 + PHP 8 + MySQL 8.

Repository README is in spanish, but is easy to follow all steps:

  1. Create the MySQL database.

  2. Clone the repository.

      git clone
  3. Launch first time composer install with (remember to use PHP 8.0 binary).

      composer install --no-scripts && composer install
  4. Configure the .env file with the necessary data.

      cp .env.example .env
  5. Generate the application key.

      php artisan key:generate
  6. Regenerate the cache.

      composer artisan-cache
  7. Launch the initial migration.

      php artisan migrate
  8. Launch the seeder.

      php artisan db:seed --class = Database\\Seeders\\Database
  9. Configure the cron task for the user related to the project:

      * * * * * cd /var/www/ && php artisan schedule:run >> storage/logs/artisan-schedule-run.log 2>&1
  10. Create the access user (User registration is only available from the terminal).

      php artisan user:create --name=Admin --password=StrongPassword2
  11. Configure the server for web access with DOCUMENT_ROOT in public.

As design pattern we are using a custom domains pattern with factories instead dependency injection:

Feedback is welcome :)

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