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Discussion on: Where do you host server-side code?

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littlephone • Edited

I host it in Vultr VPS. It is relatively stable and I didn't encounter any downtime. I tried using Namecheap and Google Cloud, but they are either more expensive or have additional, incurring charges, which they did not mention them when you open an account. For example: Google Cloud charges me some 3 dollars when I have to use their DNS service.

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Madza Author

For better night sleep, it's always a good practice to choose something in the lines of 'free forever' or guarantees static fee in some other way 😃😃

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

I never had to pay for Google DNS, even before I had a new Google account.

And Google Cloud Run is a very-cheap-for-some-reasons pay-as-you-go. I know I am very small, though.