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But do you Terminal?

With my new job comes a new PC... well, a new machine. I have run Windows for so long that going to a mac makes me feel like a new user all over again, and not in a good way. Goodbye is the print screen key, Ctrl C, Ctrl V, (I found how to bring that back by remapping the command key to ctrl) as well as Windows Terminal. I have been a HUGE fan of Windows Terminal and OH-MY-POSH and used them on a daily basis. If I need a Powershell, Command prompt or Ubuntu/Debian shell, it was a click away! That said, I don't know how many devs even touch the command line anymore. I'd like to think it's either still widely used or even making a coming back, especially with Git, Node, DotNet, and other cli tools, but I was surprised to see how many people use 3rd party tools or plugins! Ok, so VS code is fantastic with its built-in Git process... but at some point, I would imagine devs have to use shell at some point. Mac has its terminal, but, wow is it bare bones! Luckily, I know that Macs use ZSH, and Oh my zsh did the trick. Well, "Oh my ZSH" and Powerlevel 10k (along with a Nerdest font). There are some glitches when resizing the window, but does it feel good seeing git information in the active directory I am working in.

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