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How to use your Cellphone as a development machine*

Yes... You see that right. After playing around with my Samsung Note 9, I have been able to create a full fledged machine and develop code on it... But it's not entirely running on my local machine, so there is the giant astric next to it... Here are the tools I am using

  1. My samsung galaxy note
  2. A raspberry pi or other machine to connect to. You could even set up a docker instance using AWS or Azure
  3. A usb multiport usb type c adapter, to hook up a keyboard, mouse and monitor

For software

  1. Dex. Since I am in the Samsung ecosystem, it gives me a fantastic desktop environment
  2. A browser
  3. (optional) Termius. I was dumbfounded when I fired up an instance against my local machine and saw it worked locally (and run linux commands directly against my phone), but in this instance, it is to ssh into your remote machine for install and maintenance
  4. Code Server. I am running this in a container on my remote machine, but essentially it is a instance of VS code in a web browser. This is my remote ide for development

This is a proof of concept that I confirmed works. I did run into some trouble with not having node installed, but there is an accessable terminal in code Server to install those dependencies, as it's built in Debian. Overall I am fairly happy with it. Let me know if anyone is interested in the setup / config directions on how to set it up.

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