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Łukasz Wardęga for LiveChat

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Build an app for sending GIFs and win 300$!

Hello! 👋

LiveChat would like to invite you to a very special event! Our Developer Platform is running a live coding session, during which we’re going to put our design skills into practice and build an integration with Giphy. The app will allow agents to display, search for, and send gifs to the chat.

It will be a great opportunity to master LiveChat Design System, which is used both by engineers working at LiveChat and external developers building apps for the Marketplace. It will also be a chance to learn a bunch of good practices in designing web apps.

[Quick Side Note: The LiveChat Developer Platform is a space where external developers can build custom solutions for LiveChat customers. As a bonus, it’s a great source of passive income for developers who publish their apps in the LiveChat Marketplace. Our team supports developers during the whole process of creating and distributing their solutions: from sharing insights on customers’ needs to marketing new integrations.]

💻 You'll learn how to:

  • build apps that match the LiveChat look and feel.
  • optimize and speed up app development with the ready-to-use - components from the Design System.
  • apply good UX patterns in web application design.
  • avoid design anti-patterns.
  • create a Settings page for your app through Developer Console.

🛠 What we are going to do?

We'll build an integration with Giphy for displaying, searching for, and sending gifs to the chat right from the LiveChat Agent Application. Our application will store the history of sent gifs along with the filtering by date option. Additionally, we’ll add a Favorites feature. We’ll also enhance the app by a custom Settings page built through Developer Console, ensuring the app settings are always styled and displayed flawlessly.

⭐️ Prizes

The first person to correctly resolve our coding task will receive the main prize, 300$! 💸

📅 When: September 16, 2021 at 5 p.m. CEST

🔴 Where: YouTube

👨‍🏫 Host: Dominik Sławkowski, Frontend Developer in the Developer Program


Hope to see you there! 🤞

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