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Discussion on: ☀️ What was your summer side-project? Time to shine! 😎 [THREAD 👇]

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Liyas Thomas

I did a side project in 6 hours (2 nights after work hours) called Postwoman - API request builder and wrote a post about it on

🔥🔥 It went viral and gained much attention from open source community. I posted it on Product Hunt and it became #2 product of the day.

Now it crossed 3,000+ stars on GitHub and being used by lot of people.

Postwoman was featured in Hacker News, Indie Hackers, Open source Podcasts, and other communities✨

We're looking for contributions 🦄

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Cyril Niobé Author

Wow congrats! Love the design! You optimised your time well!
Always cool to see a side-project going viral!