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When someone followed up with you, you said this:

Well it’s both. I’m really curious what the person expects to see as a reaction; and I don’t see much to offer. I’m sorry it disappoints you. True, credentials by themselves don’t add value, however I don’t see anything adding value here at all.

Maybe you didn't specifically say the person doesn't add value, but someone is brave enough to do an AMA and you told them that what you see from them doesn't add value? That is simply your opinion. There are hundreds of thousands of people on this platform and there are so many people that person could help. But as we know from basic human psychology, one negative comment holds more weight than several positive ones.

I'm not a DEV employee, but I am an active member. My interpretation of the DEV CoC is that it prides itself on sensitivity, and this was an insensitive comment. Results matter, not your intention. Here's what standards they uphold that I personally don't think you brought:

  • Showing empathy towards other community members
  • Using welcoming and inclusive language

Hope this helps. When one forgets empathy when posting something they deem as constructive, it ruins it's ability to be helpful.


Thank you for the input. How do you think I could express the same message when being empathic and using welcoming and inclusive language?

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