What I'm Grateful for as a Developer

Lindsey Kopacz on November 20, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving to those of us in the United States! I've been in this industry now for about 4 and a half years. In the spirit of Thanks... [Read Full]
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Nice article Lindsey :) ! I especially like the part how you are dealing with ADHD, I have also some mental issues (bipolar depression & anxiety issues), so it's really nice inspiration. Keep going & happy thanksgiving!


Very nice article Lindsey, I can totally relate! :)
It is very important sometimes to just take a little time to appreciate what we have as professionals.

May it be a well-coded project that you were invited to work in (so you should be grateful for the other developers not leaving a mess), or just the kindness of our co-workers.

I was at a surprise party for a co-worker last weekend, and just realizing how much good time I have with all of my co-workers made me instantly grateful and happy beyond imagination. :)


Damn good post...except for the Friends Turkey Meme. I discovered Google's Keep Notes after forgetting to backup my notes each time I switched smartphones (several times a year). I will check out Grammerly; you did a much better job than their ads did of communicating the product's value.


hey now, that meme cracks me up. Imagine your friend dancing with a turkey on their head :P

Grammarly is awesome, @aspittel is who sold me to it and the first time I used to the premium I was like "wow this is awesome, money well spent!" You always wonder if it's going to be a waste of money, but it truly is helpful!


I'm definitely grateful for this industry's flexibility too, lots of important appointments were handled by being able to work remote when needed.

I'm also grateful for this industry giving many different ways to blend professionalism with personality as well - making technical or insightful blog posts mixed with humor, memes, and lots of personal design touches always reminds me that tech for all its flaws is worth defending.


Awesome article Lindsey! I enjoy reading posts like this that are honest, transparent and focus on things outside of the ones and zeros we work in every day. Keep up the great work.

P.S. Eliza nailed rage quitting.


I don't want to recommend it in place of therapy. But as someone who has been in therapy a ton over the years, I've found it really really helpful to reduce the amount I've needed to go :). Practicing the techniques in real life has been really helpful in becoming more productive and less attached to my anxiety.

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