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Developer, do you want more satisfaction: be social and earn time

Leonardo Gasparini Romão
Trabalhando com programação desde 2012, desenvolvedor ASP.NET
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Reading this month's edition of the HRB, if you have a topic that is being discussed today is emotional intelligence, companies and professionals increasingly seek answers to the confusion of our mind, How can we have more satisfaction with ourselves and in companies? How can we have our healthy mind amid so many conflicts that we have nowadays? How to stop us from having Burnout? These are just small questions that companies try to solve so that we have less dissatisfaction and unhappiness with our routines, after all, nowadays the main phrase of the movie "Fight Club" has never been as present as today:

"We are the middle children of history, without purpose or place. We had no great War, we had no Great Depression. Our Great War is the spiritual war, our Great Depression is our life. We Were created by television to believe that one day we would be rich, movie stars and the globe. But we won't be. And we're gradually learning that. And we are very, very angry. "

Well, at least we learned a few things to solve our dissatisfaction, and by putting it in the T. I scenario, there are two things that we developers usually have a little bit of disability:

Be Sociable

Adult-cellphone-cheerful-1530313. jpg

We Have to admit, we are very sociable animals, we need to reserve time to see our friends, family, even strangers so that our day-to-day looks better. Volunteer Work, group activities, even a book club. At the end of the day, we need people, after all, some articles even say that loneliness can do us more harm than sedentarism and poor nourishment.

Sociability is not our strong

If There is one thing that really is not our forte is sociability, a study of the professional personality of the T. I area shows that our strong is not sociability, but we need this challenge, we need to learn to have more sociability in our routine, with Our co-workers, with the people in our neighbourhood, and people we barely know.

Learn to earn more time than money


Our area has the privilege of currently having lots of demand and having excellent wages, if we analyze, our area is excellent for those who want to have a solid career and with fast results, but if there is one thing our area does not learn, it is to gain time, after all, many of We have already gone through the need to stay later to deliver a project on time, a feature, a new component. Although we have a good financial return with overtime, the most recent studies seem to not compensate to spend our time.

We can save time out of office

We Have many activities we do not like to do even out of office, well people who hate shopping in the market or ironing clothes or dust from the house, or cooking. To save our time outsourcing activities like these, while we can use this time for our leisure, socialize or even have the fullness to do nothing can give us a much better financial return than a few extra hours.

[Conclusion]: It Seems that we are now learning about how our emotions shape us, and as developers, we need to find solutions to control them just as we find solutions to develop new systems. At least now we have a north, so give value to your time, because once spent, we can't recover it .




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