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Finally, I launched my super tiny side project! , a browser extension for job seekers! 🚀

Lucas L.
Born and raised in Brazil. Focusing on Javascript, Java, and AWS! 😃
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Hey Dev's!

Finally, I am getting out of my comfort zone to start working on a few projects I always had in mind. 😅

From September - December 2020, I was applying for my first Software Engineering job. It took me a little bit over 400 applications to get it. 😔 Something I noticed: Most companies require you to "upload your Resume", but still require you to fill out all the forms.

This was a pain, a personal pain. In a world where A.I, Machine Learning, and all the other futuristic topics are trending, how in the world do I need to type my information over and over. But, life happened and I let it go.

On June 6th, 2021, I saw a post on Reddit with 1.7k upvotes. The complaining was exactly my pain a few months back: why companies ask for your resume and then have you type all the information again! 🤯

I decided to take action! It took me 3 days to finish a simple version where you can type once, and then, just drag 'n drop everywhere. A browser extension for Chrome and Firefox (It also works with Brave).

Meet: Drop.In - a Browser Extension for job seekers!

Now the goal is to make sure it is useful! Looking for all feedback possible! 👍🏻

What I learned about building browser extensions:

  • You can use plain and simple HTML, CSS, and JS (As well as other frontend frameworks).

  • You can make API calls.

  • 5$/one-time fee to create a dev account on the Chrome Webstore and it is free for Firefox.

  • You can build for Chrome and maybe you just need a few twists to make it work for Firefox.

  • The Getting Started from Google is pretty good!

  • It also works for Chromium-based browsers (So, building for Chrome will also make it work in Brave, for example)

Discussion (4)

raullarosa_ profile image
La Rosa ✈️

Works as it should! I like how you also added a custom field section. Maybe you can extend it in the future to allow users to create "Custom Categories"? I see myself using this outside of job applications as well.

llimabr profile image
Lucas L. Author

@raullarosa_ Thanks for your feedback on the Chrome store man! I appreaciate!.
That's on my to-do for v2 that I'm working on. The user will be able to add custom categories, as well as more "custom fields" in each categorie. ;)

the_riz profile image
Rich Winter

This is neat, but if you aren't hoarding data why not make it open source for github pull requests?

llimabr profile image
Lucas L. Author

Hey @rich ! Thanks. I'll open source it. I want to finish the v2 (with React + Tailwind) and share it. ;)