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re: Thanks everybody for your responses! This is very illuminating. I'm learning that it's hard to ask the question you really want to ask. I wonder h...

I can't touch type but saving 10 minutes a day hardly seems worth the effort.
I save much more than that by not writing code fast, instead taking the time to work out how I can solve the problem with the minimum of code.
Code left out seldom goes wrong.


100% agree about removing superfluous code.

To play devil's advocate: If you could save 10 minutes doing that, and then another 10 typing emails faster, you wouldn't? Over the course of 30 years typing emails you wouldn't want to save that time?

In theory yes, I would love to...but:
I'm my experience, people who can type write long rambling emails full of extraneous information. Whereas I have spent years learning to trim mine too the absolute minimum. Most of my emails consist of single line answers "done”, ”I'll take a look", etc.

Every word I don't type saves other people reading time.

Work expands to fill the space available, if you can type fast you just end up typing more.

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