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I was fired at my very first job. I was just graduated and joined the company as Associate Software Engineer. I am very novice, the recruiter cheated me she said you will be here as QA Automation Engineer for 6 months later we will move to developer position. At that time, I don't know what is testing and what is development. Later, after 2-3 months I was into testing, I didn't like doing it.Then I felt the difference. Also, I didn't like my manager, he doesn't know anything. I always thought of learning something from the people, but I didn't feel he has what I am looking for. So, then I found something called "Freelancing" then, I studied about it, how to do it. But, I don't know that we shouldn't do it while being an employee of a company. Actually I was enjoying it more than my job. But, I never used my company's resources or time for it. I used to do it only on weekends.

On June 22, 2016, I went to office as usual and doing my stuff. My HR and Operations Manager called me I thought it's a meeting for everyone, but then they said that "Lokesh, are you working as freelancer?" I said "Yes". "Do you know that you shouldn't do it while working as an employee of a company" I said "No". The discussion went and they frightened me. They took my laptop and gave it to IT department, once upon a time I have copied some text file into my dropbox folder. That has nothing, but they took it other way. I never afraid loosing the job, but I am afraid did they ask me to pay money as they think that I have been using their resources (not really though, I was honest to the company). They fired me, got my 22 days salary. Then, started preparing for interviews very hardly, then landed on a very good job which I am liking so much that means I don't need to freelance :)


Just so you know - it's not illegal or wrong to freelance during your free time even while employed by a company. They have no right to dictate what you do on your own time.


Ohh... but, they said like "In india, you shouldn't do two jobs, on every employment agreement it was mentioned that you shouldn't involve in any other projects and you should dedicate your time to the company". I couldn't defend them since I felt that was a mistake.

Ohhh well it is possible that you had signed an agreement not to do that. In the US I don't think that is something that happens. But I am glad you have a better position now.

Yes, But I didn't remember that they mentioned in the agreement, All is well that ends well... Thanks...

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