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Discussion on: AWS Amplify, SAM, CDK ... What to choose for your Infrastructure as Code on AWS?!?

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Lou — Cloud Engineer

Thanks for the write up dude, I didn't know about Nader's book, and I've bookmarked the link for the SAM tutorials.

It's always really interesting to hear peoples comparisons between these tools since there's so many of them nowadays, it's hard to have first hand experience, so being able to learn from the experience of others really helps to make future decisions in what to choose or look into.

Other thing was the level of abstraction. Since is pretty much pre-packaged a lot of features, I found sometimes that or I wanted to explore some feature I found on the docs or another approach.

I would love to love Serverless framework too, but for me, it's just a PoC tool, and I hear the same from many other people.

I tried Terraform in the promise of an agnostic tool to Infrastructure as a Code. If I learn one language for IaC I could easily transfer either my knowledge or even my resources. But not exactly,

I don't fully agree with this. Yes the providers are different, but the paradigms / concepts are similiar. It's like learning a new framework for a language. The basics are there, you just need to apply a little new knowledge. Then again, I'm quite biased and pretty bullish on Terraform.

so I will definitely look to try in the feature, but to be honest learn CloudFormation scared me a little.

Yeah, I'd definitely recommend playing around a little to get over that fear! I don't think it's as bad as you might think. But it is very verbose at times...

I wrote a similiar article to this (but from a Serverless angle, admittedly) that you might find interesting, too:

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Ibrahim Cesar Author

Thanks for the in depth response!