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Discussion on: How Does Getting an AWS Certification Change Your Career?

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Lou (🚀 Open Up The Cloud ☁️)

Yeah, for me the big thing is giving structure to my learning. It allows me to know what to learn next, and clearly see holes in what I know.

I think also as you say it's nice to be able to put a stamp on your knowledge. It can be infuriating to not be taken seriously for a skill that you've been honing for years, but for whatever reason others don't listen to you or are dismissive. So it can be a great tool for that since not many people can argue with it.

A lot of people have beef with certs, but of course if you pass the test for the sake of passing the test that's kinda pointless, and you'll soon get called out as a fraud, but if you actually get hands on and use the course as a framework for learning, you're golden.

I might check out your course sometime soon Kyle! It sounds interesting!

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Kyle Galbraith Author

Thank you for the excellent thoughts Lou. I think you really hit on something with using certifications and studying for them as a framework.

Feel free to let me know if you have questions on my course.

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