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Yufan Lou

Vim at its core is a language for describing editing actions. The language goes all the way back to the first editor of UNIX, ed. The history of the tools and the language goes like: ed -> em -> ex -> vi -> vim. You can save repetitive editing actions as macros or scripts, and use them as you will.

A tailored IDE is usually the best for a particular language: .NET VB and C# work best in Visual Studio; Java and Kotlin in IntelliJ IDEA; Objective-C and Swift in Xcode. They are feature-rich, configurable, and user-friendly. People have invested in making them good tools for those languages. Similarly, many people have invested in making vim a good tool for C and shell script, which it grew up with, and other languages which do not have IDEs of their own. Vim provides a fall back semantic when the semantic analysis tool of the programming language is down or non-existent.