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Discussion on: How to apply your coding skills to turn yourself into a self-made millionaire

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Lorenzo Pasqualis

Great post! When I was in college in the early '90's I wrote a windows screen saver and started selling it in-line for $10 as shareware (you don't hear that word anymore). I also made a few utilities and an astronomy application for DOS. At the time the Internet was a much smaller place, and one had to be crafty about finding buyers. Anyway, wirh 3 or 4 products I started to sell several licenses per day. Within a year my income was several times higher than what I could have had if I was already graduated and had a full time developer's job. It all happened while I was in college, dedicating maybe 2 or 3 hours a day to it.
Starting a business as a software maker has humble beginnings, and it is powered by a raging fire of passion for a craft. Today the possibilities are endless.

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Stefanni Brasil Author

Wow, Lorenzo, you got it really soon! That is really inspirational, thanks for sharing!