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Discussion on: Request for Comments: Quirk, an Open Source Cognitive Behavioral Therapy App

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Lucas Bustamante • Edited

Hi Evan,

My mother, brother and sister have bipolar disorders and psychotic episodes, and, being it mostly genetic, I have the propension to have it too.

I didn't know what CBT was, but I used a similar technique over the time to control myself in times of extreme anxiety. I started looking at these episodes as mental cancer. Cancer is when a cell multiplies itself without control.

If I don't control my thoughts - they branch into possibilities and, as you try to keep up with the branching, it generates more possibilities, and you end up lost in thoughts and anxious.

What happens to you seems to be a process of auto-suggestion so strong that you believe in one branch as if it were reality, right? You don't get lost in the branches. You focus on one of them 'till the end, being it truth or false, and generally, that branch is the feeded by fear?

CBT seems like a great way to deal with that, because, if we are humble enough to admit it, our modern society doesn't know for a fact the true nature of the mind and consciousness. We use chemicals to treat the mind, while is the mind that generates the chemicals in normal circumstances. When you act on the mind, you heal permanently, when you act on the chemical level, you are drying water without fixing the leak.

I would like to give Quirk a go when it's released, to identify low self-esteem thoughts and how to stop them, this kind of thing - in the branching of thoughts, CBT is like a compass.

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Evan Author

Hey Lucas,

In the meantime, you should should read the New Mood Therapy. It looks really cheesy, but it's a good overview.