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lucasmrl profile image Lucas L. ・1 min read

Hey, devs! 👋🏻

Hope everyone is doing safe!

I decided to 1)learn more about relational databases, 2) improve my React knowledge, and 3) buy a domain and study more about DNS, etc... So, my idea was to create something like https://www.uplabs.com/ or https://dribbble.com/, for developers in order to apply all of that! 😬

It took me 3 weeks and it is still far from what I imagined for the v1, but I really would appreciate you guys giving a try and sending all your great feedback.


React, Node (Express), PostgreSQL, TailwindCSS, Heroku, Cloudinary


  • OAuth with Github (only way at the moment)
  • Create and View projects
  • Upload Images (JPEG, PNG, GIF)
  • Vote
  • Comments
  • Filters

Plan for v2:

.Edit and Delete projects
.Delete comments made
.Accept Videos
.Favorites Projects


Thank you!

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Lucas L.


Born and raised in Brazil. Focusing on Javascript! 😃


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So cool!

Do you have any tips on creating custom UI components with Tailwind and React? One of the things that I've struggled with in the past has been managing multiple states (eg. a button with a success instead of primary theme that's also loading or disabled). What tools are you using to help manage that?


@sam Wight, hi.

Thank you so much. Honestly, this is my second project with TailwindCSS and I just watched all the videos that they have here: tailwindcss.com/screencasts/

Maybe this is not the correct or better way, but I use Context API to manage my state and when necessary, the classes will be based on the state.

Not sure if that helps. :s


No that helps a lot, thank you so much! I didn't know those screencasts existed, so I'll give them a look!

They are pretty condensed with good information to get you start fast!


Love the idea @LucasL. Just wanted to know if its open source and if it is i would like to contribute to it. My repo Tejas Baid But really like this project and most of the tech stack in the project is similar to mine.


Hey Tejas. I need to refactor the code and make it simpler and better, but my idea it to make it open-source. I think this could really be a good project for programmers that want to start with open-source. :)


Great work, I really like it!
Since you're asking for feedback: on mobile devices the header seems a little to large. I had to scroll a whole screen height on every page just to skip the parts that are equal on every page.
Looking forward to post my own projects :)


Hey Alexander! Thank you so much.

I noticed that. If you sign in, you will see that the header will just contain the logo and the hamburger menu.

But you are right, maybe remove the header after the user changes to a different page. :)


Nice, think that will feel even better.


The Github Oauth is requiring me to provide permissions such as Act on your behalf ;-;
Nice work though.


Hey! I am not sure why and how to remove that. The only data stored from GitHub is described in the Privacy Policy Link. (data that is actually free accessible with their API) . I will keep looking :)


really great idea ! since you asked for feedbacks, i think the banner is not necessary, i had to scroll all of it to see the projects. however this is gonna be a really great project especially for newbie devs that are looking for jobs, (add a jobs page in the future :) )


The banner disappears after you sign in, but this is the second time I receive this feedback! Thanks, Wassim!


I saw! That is a great idea! Thanks Julian! :D


This is so cool! Congrats on the great work.


I just voted! Haha, thank you. Amazing project by the way!


Thanks Thomas! Share something with us :)


Would love to see you there!


This is awesome. Looking forward to dropping a project on that :)


Please do! Thank you!