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this specific checklist looks like enterprise bull$hit to me. it sounds more of a way to intimidate/coerce the devs than to actually help them out.


Okay. That's not our intention.

I work in a small company as one of two programmers and we made the checklist ourselves so that's about as far from "enterprise" as you can get.


I enjoy a good checklist but I understand this guys reaction! You gotta have some pain before you want to take on an extra step like this.


We've done something similar at a start-up I was at. Well, it was between start-up and whatever is next with around 30 devs by this time. The idea was to encourage people to not just rubber stamp reviews.

One missing thing is to check out the branch when you are reviewing (if the code bases isn't tattooed in your brain).

Yes. You must checkout the branch and examine it in your IDE. Otherwise you can't do several of the checklist items like check for inspection errors, run the tests, etc..

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