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re: Atom is vscode but is true to itself. vscode is the Wii to atom's Xbox/PlayStation. Use vim and react plugin with atom and it already has git integ...

Thanks for you comment. vscode has git integration too, but I don't use it. I prefer to use the command line for git. Are you a heavy user of the git integration for atom?


I use it sometimes, but really just as a visual tool to see changes across multiple files for a big project. The project's pane also uses color coding to show what files are new, have changes or are current with your git repo.

GitHub integration is also a perk.

One last thing is the easily custom themeing. I only had to know css and follow some instructions to make and publish a theme. It's built to be modular and themes and plugins can be added through settings directly from apm with a very accurate search.

Honestly, everything I've used is by far inferior and Atom is a picture for the future of IDEs

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