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re: I find VS code quite nice but it's like Sublime, an editor I can enhance with plugins. I was a fan of Sublime until I started making an IDE out of ...

I see your points. Do you get 100 - 300% CPU load when using vscode? I'm keep an eye on mine to see if I'm getting that too. Thanks


Yes, this is one of the problems that always spoils my fun with VSCode. 2 or 3 VSCode helpers each causing 100% CPU load on its own. I think it will depend on a plugin, but that's just the same problem that has already bothered Sublime, which is why I prefer to use PHP Storm (most of it is a core plugin)

Just because you said, I got vscode using too much memory/cpu and getting really slow.
I guess I wasn't slow before because I wasn't using that many programs in the same time.
I switched back to my tmux+vim setup just to compare and even my batery takes less time to dry out.

Not sure if I will continue with vscode after this =/

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