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Mukit, Ataul
Mukit, Ataul

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Story of a failed entrepreneur

Dumping bits and pieces of information to eventually accomplish what I have been aiming for - a book about failures so others may know the symptoms ..

Chapter 1


Entrepreneurship is Ownership

Do not count on getting a free ride anywhere, and do not count on riding on other people’s success. You have to do what you have to do on your own !

Look upon at successful men mainly for inspiration, not advice !

Chapter 5

There is a fine line between being an entrepreneur and being lazy! If you are lazy you would do things and only those things you are really good at; and if you are on the other side of that fine line, you would prepare to be better at doing things you are not good at and adapt !

Jealousy without Ambition is disastrous

Confusion is like a cluttered desktop and is to be eliminated.

Compromise is just another form of mental laziness which allows you to give away, little by little a lot away !

You want someone with aggression , motivation, hunger and bite to work for you, then you got yourself a rattlesnake to contain and keep happy till the two ends of the night that binds the day

As long as you consider your partner as a competitor to outperform it is beneficial, the moment you consider your partner as a rival, it’s doomsday.

If you slowly become aware of your business partner's shortcomings, it is not a bad thing, rather good that you can act accordingly accepting the fact that noone is flawless. Keep your expectations low, and morale high.

Chapter - 4

You may work hard but if the hard work is not to be a leader of men and women, but just for yourself - then consider it a short cut way to glory, and glory attained through short cuts are short-lived!

It’s always about the idea of the product - not the product !

Technology is just a small part of an innovative idea - If the idea is clear,
technology takes shape behind it automatically

A partnership should not be like a circle, rather a vector with each arrow pointing towards new directions, because in a circle if any of the points is stagnant then the whole circle is in stand still, not so much the case of vectors.

If you accept a problem, then and only then it has a solution !

If you are scared that other people might compete or even come up with a better version of your product it means you are stuck with your product and too bogged down to move forward with it !

Chapter - 3
Money is the worst investment if it’s your only investment in a Business.

If you are running short of fund, there is still an investment you could bank upon - Time!
Time to pursue, Time to Redo !

I don’t have time is a lame excuse

Lack of Ability was never a reason for for any one to underachieve, Lack of Drive is !
Fear of Fear is the utmost/greatest Fear !

The hindrance to Hard Work is the Fear of Working Hard and passing through the dark trees of fear is the first step to success

Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today ! cliche - but true to the bone....

Better to look at 8 workings hours as a single day than two half days

A little change can bring in a lot of changes

Think Simple, or get someone to do it for you

"There is no short cut, no option for leeways, no easy way" - this Moto seems to hardcoded in our previous generation as I learnt watching my father; yet we try to get away using the short cut which we renamed as the optimal path, and fail comfortably with ease !

Every bit of laziness hurts, little by little, without you realizing it, and in the end if you do realize it, there will be nothing you can do about it.

Chapter - 6

Doing something constructive can help rise above any hatred preserved in heart

It is bolder to accept blame than to pass it on

Keeping yourself distant from trials, troubles and turbulence only ends up leaving you distant

Even if you are working for somebody else, do it with ownership and care so that you may excel and beat your toughest competition - namely yourself !

Chapter - 7

At 25, you have absolute belief that something extraordinary will happen! It takes a decade to realize that you have to make it happen.. and amidst the turbulent waves of time, the extraordinary belief itself takes a tumble.... as years go by !
Only the believer or the damned persists!

Pursuing a core passion has its enjoyment, but that doesn't mean you should pursue only the enjoyment - Chapter 7

If you are not playing out of your comfort zone, you are not playing at all

Two people may have different versions of the same story, but they should be able to tell it to one other !

You can only allow to drag yourself from a position of strength to a position of weakness through lack of initiative and laziness, and suddenly you find you have lost that edge

Be bold to speak your mind and what you truly believe in - even at the cost of appearing stupid to most people!

Whatever slate you envision has to be a clear one

It is not a problem that I have failed a million times, it is just that I never tried

The idea is to keep searching even though you are not exactly sure what you are searching for but have sporadic visions.

So Compadres - let us not give up hope ! if the search makes u do amazing stuff like the cavemen of 30000 BC , let's go for it!

Not everybody has to have a dream, not all of us has to pursue a passion

Chapter - 2

When you move things start moving

If you can endure, if you can survive, slowly but surely the wheels start spinning

Life is the same story that happens everyday over and over again, in tough times, going through the motions is the minimum you should try to maintain to be doing. Try to find the spark from somewhere and better things befall.

Finding motivation is hard, but the trick is to keep looking for the source of motivational outflow even you are not finding it. You have to keep looking..


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