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For anyone who deals in formal logic I've always been partial to the following.

Programmer's spouse: Could you go to the store and buy a gallon of milk? If there are eggs get a dozen.

...Programmer return some while later with a dozen gallons of milk...

Programmer's spouse: Why on Earth did you buy twelve gallons of milk?!

Programmer: Well there were eggs.


This reminds me of a sign I used to drive by a lot that read "End 55 MPH Speed Limit". I was always like "Woohoo, the only speed limit that existed just ended!"


Lol, apparently speed limits can be nested, so when you go from a 75mph zone to a 55mph zone you're still in the 75... 🤔



Reminds me of this one:

The programmers roommate texts them "hey, while you're out can you please buy some milk?"

The programmer never returned...


He should crash, he don't have enough money to buy infinite milk.

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