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I used to stream whilst coding but I'd never pull in a huge number of views. I think it's still a really new concept with only a few people really nailing it on the head.

Daniel Shiffman, in particular, has got it spot on, his streams are perfect for it. He usually does quite short coding challenges which at the same time are visual; people like to see stuff move on the screen. Because his challenges are usually quite short people can jump in at any time, whereas streamers who work on one project in every stream (Which I did) are likely not as captivating.

But yeah, that's just my observation, I'm sure it'll gain in popularity in the years to come!


Hmm, that's a very good tip!
What I mean:
Making the challenges very short!

I will write that down!

Thanks for the comment!


+1 for Daniel Shiffman, he also has an unparalleled enthusiasm that makes learning even more fun.

I would for coding streaming to be more popular in general although; not everyone needs a train whistle!

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