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Discussion on: I feel like the quality of posts in Dev is deteriorating

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Interesting take.

We love DEV but we're constantly drowned out by clickbait "this is why bootstrap is still relevant" and "10 ways to write a function". Our content generally performs well, but there is a downward trend.

I wrote a post on fetching a twitch status in a tiny lambda function and it's had less than 40 views in a week...

I've just been given the ability to classify low quality posts on DEV, as a moderator, and I'm trying to be objective.

Things I consider low quality:

  • posts linking to the rest of the article on their own blog
  • posts acting as a pricing page for courses...
  • posts with 1 paragraph and a 40 line code block - explain the code!
  • posts that just sell stuff
  • posts full of affiliate links
  • outdated content rehashed for 2020 but without really updating the content (2016 conclusions in 2020)
  • inaccurate posts
  • pure clickbait with no insightful information

In 10 reviews since I woke up to this new found POWERRR, 1 had been marked as high quality, 1 flagged to admins, 8 low quality. Low quality posts will be less likely to appear on news feeds.

I feel like more moderation is the answer, and in glad I get to help with that now