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Discussion on: Laptops For Developers

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Lum Dërmaku

There is a laptop that is very close to your requirements - The new Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Pro, it can be configured with a 14" 16:10 2880 by 1800 90hz 400 nit golssy (unfortunately) display, Ryzen 9 4900H, 61whr battery, pretty simple all metal build, 61whr battery. There is also teh intel+nvidia model - the Yoga Slim 7i Pro but if you don't need the benefits of an Intel cpu, that nvidia gpu and thunderbolt 4, you'd be better off with the amd model, also because it seems that you need a better cpu. I just wrote a very long comment in this thread with more info and other recommendations, maybe you'll find that info useful.

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Garvit Motwani Author

My next laptop wish list is a macbook with 11th gen intel CPUs or ryzen zone CPUs or silicon chips. If that is not available then a xps revision