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Discussion on: Pixel art and the art of doing nothing

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Rafael Ahrons

Nice series of articles!!! I'm loving it.

I got stunned from the pixel art references that you post. Aseprite look really amazing. I'm using Krita to make pixel art, but it doesn't seems to have the same features from Aseprite.

Just saved the Pixel Art Academy to see later, Retronator just blowed my mind and Miniboss tips for pixel art is great!! I'm not good in art at all, but i'm trying to learn more about it too.

Keep doing your great work!!

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Núria Author

Thank you! I tried Krita but honestly I got a bit lost, it has so many features. I guess it's a great general-purpose image editor but since I only wanted to do pixel art, Aseprite has just what I need and the interface is really easy to manage. I think it has a trial version if you want to check it out!