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What Motivates You?

Week three of learning code! I am almost finished all the JavaScript tutorials on freeCodeCamp, but I have to admit there was a point where I felt like I lost focus.

There was a hiccup in my personal life which took up space in my mind and I just couldn't get myself to concentrate for hours at a time. But don't you worry! Life happens and I pulled myself together by taking breaks when I found my mind not thinking about code. During these breaks, I used the time to get myself inspired and remind myself why I'm doing this. After starting good read, a couple of TED talks, and meditating to get myself in the right headspace, I was ready to get back to it!

JavaScript is definitely something that I have to practice on. I'm still struggling a little with deeply understanding some JavaScript concepts, but I'm trusting the method of repetition. Learning by repetition has worked for me in the past. So here's to hoping that when I start building code using JavaScript over and over again, the code will be easier to understand. If there's anything that I've learned as an instructor is that there are many types of learners. But no matter the type of learner, when material is practiced repetitively, it brings us one step closer to mastering it.

Last Week's Accomplishments:

  • JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structure Certification:
    • Debugging
    • Basic Data Structures
    • Basic Algorithm Scripting
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • Functional Programming

Check it out:

On my mind:

  • I would love to know how you stay motivated and what inspires you. What are some techniques you use to keep on going?

Until next week!
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