re: How I stopped procrastinating, learned to code, and launched my first product VIEW POST

re: This post is so inspiring, Lynne! Thanks for sharing your awesome experience with so much humor, humility, and courage!

Thanks Adam!!! You're the only person to comment on my humor which means you get me 😊 I'm laughing mid-chew right now because so I'm actually eating a Lean Cuisine right now. How embarrassing.

Ps. I see that you're a lawyer/developer?! What a rare combo –– kudos!


Haha, it's good to know you're keepin' it real after becoming a fancy founder. ☺️ Seriously, though, I really do appreciate that you can look at the whole process, hard as it was, with some levity. Also, I really identified with the line about a "pity party mixed with mania!"

It's true, I am a lawyer and developer. I'd like to find a way to leverage the combination, but haven't really figured it out yet.

What about coding Etherium Contracts or such? That seems to be where law and code are heavily overlapping...

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