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re: I'll throw another one out there: go to conferences and product launches. I landed my first real job because I went to a Microsoft sponsored produ...

Yes!!! These are such great examples. What made you go to that Microsoft sponsored product launch/conference? Were you going w/ the intention of networking and potentially finding job opportunities?

Ps. Maybe I should compile all of the other "side doors" that I failed to include in my first post 🤔 If I do, can I quote you?


For that particular conference, I was really looking for networking opportunities. I was about to graduate, and desperately wanted to find a job working with .Net.

For other conferences (e.g.: Rock the Launch back in 2005), it was all about getting free software. As a student, having a full copy of Visual Studio and SQL Server with a full legit license was mind blowing. It was like $2300 worth of software, just for going to a one day product launch!

You are totally welcome to quote me!

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