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AWS Cloud Shell Quick Tips

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AWS Cloud Shell is a great new tool - here are some tips:

  1. Use the --cli-auto-prompt flag to enable aws cli command autocomplete in Cloud Shell (shown above)

  2. To switch to a new shell, enter the shell's program name at the command line prompt - bash: Bash; pwsh: PowerShell; or zsh: Z shell

  3. Click on the Actions menu > Tab Layout to add and align one or more additional windows

  4. Click on the Actions menu > Files to upload or download a file to/from your current session

  5. Many common tools and runtimes are pre-installed, these include the ones listed below.


  • bash, powershell, zsh
  • aws cli, ecs cli, sam cli
  • node, npm, python3
  • git, sudo, tar, vim, wget, unzip/zip

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