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Strongly agree that interpersonal communication is important but skill in design and development of software is crucial too. My teams have been plagued with issues caused by bad code developed in a hurry with little dedication to the design process. In my experience, the majority of developers are either adequate or deficient at their jobs due to the shortage of skilled software developers. On average, 1 out of every 6 new hires makes it past the trial period in my current team. Most of them are excellent communicators but have yet to develop what I personally refer to as 'reflex' for pragmatic software design.


Thanks for your comment, It's true that a lot of developers need additional help with certain programming aspects. Wow that's a pretty woeful rate, how long is the trial period? I'd definitely spend more time checking for your specific requirements during the interview process rather than simply bin them after a few months in the office, for their sake, and yours.


Our trial period is 3 months. We've been working on improving interview techniques as our turnover rate ruined our productivity last year.

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