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I liked Stencil at first but found event dispatching and handling to be unreliable and buggy. Haven't given it a second try in a while. Did you find handling events simple and reliable?


Interesting - that's good to know. So far in this app I've only handled onLoad and onClick and haven't needed to dispatch anything myself, so it's way too early to tell. How long ago did you try it?


I think around August. A lot of the event handlers would fire only once or not at all.

Yikes. Will definitely be on the lookout for that, but so far so good.


I use many events and handlers and never had trouble related to Stencil, even the contrary, I found easy to implement and reliable. Events are a core mechanism of our editor.

Only difficulty I once had was with the selection API but that's not related to Stencil but rather with the platforms and the compatibility of such API with Shadow Dom.

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