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Discussion on: Coder's biggest and most hidden enemy. Creeping up on you right now

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Michał Gacka Author

Cool setup! <3

I think I'd personally feel a little claustrophobic in it since for some reason my brain really enjoys the tidiness of the empty space on my desk 🙃

Big plus for the timer - something I've been trying to stick to many times and never became really quite a habit.

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Alex Janke

Yea.. it looks a bit worse 'cause of the wide lense I had to use. Makes it look a bit "closer" and "smaller" than it is in reality.
I try to keep things somewhat close though because I don't like moving everything across the room all the time. One example would be that box thingy in the bottom left corner - that's a steering wheel for racing games 😅 Sure I could detach it from the desk anytime I don't need it but eh.... laziness kicking in. The timer is a google home "hub", so I can adjust my room temperatur, lights and so on.
It's a gaming setup first in my mind though, work second 😶😅 Glad you like it <3 I shall clean it up a little bit and take a picture further away so the lense isn't distorting the picture as much