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FTP Seer API + FTP Seer Client Google SEO

My open source project FTP Seer is on Google Search now. Yay!!! πŸ¦„

Background of FTP Seer πŸ’Ž

Back in the days, when I was working on an in-house project where the client requirements are to gather application logs from remote server using FTP protocol and show it on their admin portal, I needed a backend API to fetch directory list and get file contents.

I found the JSFTP library which is pretty useful for my case and decided to put that in my tech stack. After that, I use Node and ExpressJS to serve http server to create a RESTful API which has now become the FTP Seer API

Continue to develop 😎

The API serve its purpose and the in-house project was done. However, I felt the need to make it open-source and create a full-stack application so that other developers can utilise it as well. So, starting from three or four months back, I picked up the old API in my archived repository and polished it by refactoring. I even wrote a landing page so that people can test the API just by the first visit.

Giving it a demo client application πŸ’„

In order to properly use it, I also created a frontend application with a framework that I was obsessed with back then which is Svelte and Sapper framework to serve it universally (Client, Server-Side, Service-Worker).
The demo frontend application becomes FTP Seer Client.

Deploying the apps βš™οΈ

For deployment, since I didn't intend to purchase a domain for it, I used Heroku to deploy on their domain. I set up a CircleCI CI/CD pipeline so that whenever I push my latest commit it will deploy to heroku. The pipeline is available below
FTP Seer API -
FTP Seer Client -

and the configuration is at

Making them available on Google 🌎

However, Heroku domains are bad in SEO search results, therefore I used meta tags to provide suitable keywords, images, authors to make Google to crawl properly. I used Google Search Console and get verification meta tags , add them on the respective index.html and we're good to go.

The final result is shown in the cover image where you can see both FTP Seer applications when you make a search on Google.

Stay safe and Thanks for reading! ❀️

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