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Discussion on: Wordpress Sucks. Let's Switch to Static Site Generators!

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Maciej Cieslik

Exactly! Everyone of them wants to update theirs websites, but in the end noone actually do it. I can't convince ppl, that they don't need a cms in 99% of time and that 1% with some news or blog can be done by simple but effective custom cms.

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💜May Meow🌼

I asked one client of our company when he wants web page if he will update content on it (if he will be posting new articles and more)... An he tell yes so he wants classic cms even though i told him he will not need it because most of changes of his page was some cnages like new documment (barely 1 time per year - when new year started).

So long story short -> he choose another company which created him new page in wordpress and now its look like before. He changing pages maybe 1 time per year but paying that company because of updates etc... So its hard to convince people that they not need CMS.

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Glenn Paquette Author

Your right, not every client will be convinced. Some of them will be stubborn, and that's ok. I honestly don't want every client that inquires either - I only want to work with great people who trust in my skills and experience. Sounds like your prospect just wanted a robotic "yes sir" and not real advice from a professional. You may have dodged a bullet there. :)

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