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Thanks for the article.

Just one small inconsistency. In last group of point you say:

You need to understand that React is a View Library💡.
How you manage your state is none of its concern.


Or you can just simply use React hooks and context.

So in one you are stating that React doesn't care and in second that you have build in tools for that.

React was a lib, and React was dedicated only for the view part. Was, not is, now React is a framework, because you can do fully flavored app only using it (lack of routing is not a point against this statement). Also React has own state management tools, and even React team constantly is saying you should use them, and also constantly saying some critic words about Redux and Mobx.

For other points, React is kinda DSL, so learning only it creates DSL programmers, this means that such kind of developer has problems with understanding the language below React - JS, it can have very bad implications. Like not optimal, or just copy/pasted code. Learning JS should be a rule here.

For using React with JQuery, this is a violation of every principle of React. As React is a way to achieve declarative UI. Where data flow is top-down, and DOM is representing the data. JQuery exactly targets DOM and manipulate it directly, so React loose ability to be declarative too, as JQuery plays a role of Trojan horse.


Thanks for the comment!
I do agree things are seem a bit contradictory for state handling.
It might also seem like React has became more like a framework. But i'd also like point out the fact that, React doesn't forces you to use its state management tools (like a framework might do). I mean it's there, you can use it, but you are still open to try better solutions.

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