Hi, I'm Jake Russo

madcapjake profile image Jake Russo ・1 min read

I have been coding off-and-on for 6 years.

You can find me on GitHub as MadcapJake

I live in Eau Claire, WI. After weeks without snow we are now getting hit with a lovely two-day blizzard.

In my free time, I program in (or read code in) fringe/esoteric/lesser-known languages: L.B. Stanza, Citrine, Nit, Earl Grey, Ark, ooc, Tulip, Red, Lily, ELENA, Kitten and any new language that shows up on HN or Reddit. I just enjoy the quirkier, innovative design decisions that usually accompany them.

I am currently learning more about PL design, algorithms, and toolchains.

Nice to meet you.


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