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re: zsh / oh-my-zsh up and running VIEW POST

re: I run this on Mac 16gb 2015 model With iterm2 4x4 panels = 16 zsh And it works pretty well less than second opening. Do you have some benchmarks ...

Yes, I have used zmodload zsh/zprof to profile. It takes a sec. Also using 16 GB MAC.

Bulk of the time is spent in compinit and zsh-syntax-highlighting.

There are articles on optimizing compinit. Yet to do that. But I believe any article suggesting heavy use of oh-my-zsh should come with a performance optimization techniques.

Yes correct because it compiles all history and suggestions, would you share some of this optimization articles, as it would be helpful for me and everyone reading. Thanks

There are tons of it.

This particular one has references to others as well.

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