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Moved my Development Blog to Jekyll


Last week, I decided that the source of my blog posts should be my own blog and not This is not because is doing anything wrong. I think it's time for me to have a central location for all my posts for people to read. I was somewhat doing this using the and Stackbit integration, but I didn't have the raw post itself this way, unless I stored it somewhere else. Since, I was using GitHub to host my working posts, I decided it was time for me to host my own blog using Jekyll and Netlify.

I chose Netlify to host my website/blog instead of GitHub pages so that I can use a private repo and still utilize the free account on GitHub. I'm not doing anything shady, but Patrons and Buy Me a Coffee subscribers get early access to my blog, so by having a private repo, I'm able to have control of who can see the blog post.

Migration Process

I'm doing everything manually. It's a slow process of porting my posts from to, but this will allow me to make sure it looks exactly right. Mainly, this means that I'll need to change any clode blocks from being raw Markdown to using a Gist. This allows for formatting and styling to be a bit better.

Next steps

The next step I want to take is implementing comments on a post. I currently can't do that in my setup, but I'm sure there is a way. If you'd like to make me aware of an issue, please email me at!

The URL for the new website is!

If you enjoy my posts, streams, and apps, consider encouraging my efforts.

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