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Prerequisites to become a Magento 2 developer

The Covid epidemic has caused traditional businesses everywhere to turn to e-commerce stores. Therefore, programmers who understand software architecture and fix bugs are in great demand. Not all platforms are alike in complexity, for example WordPress, is hailed as being easy to learn, it doesn't take long to learn and get the site up and running. What about Magento? What skills are needed to work with Magento. In this article, I will talk about the prerequisites to become a Magento 2 developer.

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  1. What does the developer Magento 2 need?
  2. For Frontend developers
  3. For Backend developers
  4. Conclude

What does the developer Magento 2 need?

Magento has a reputation for being a platform that offers a very good shopping experience.

It offers developers a complete package to develop an e-commerce site that meets all of your store building requirements. The platform comes in two separate editions: Magento Opensource (community edition) and Magento Commerce (enterprise version). Both versions are available in the cloud, ensuring scalability and rich features.

Magento programmer's challenge is complex architecture, learning is difficult, especially in the early stages. It is built in a number of different languages ​​and web technologies. As a developer, you have two options:

Become a developer user interface (Frontend Developers).
Become a backend Developers.
You should have some knowledge before working on Magento at website like:

For Frontend developers

Having a good understanding of HTML & CSS (proper design for the latest versions is a plus).
JavaScript & Prototype for Magento 1 and jQuery for Magento 2
Basic knowledge of PHP and XML to understand how to create templates using block.php and layout.xml

For Backend developers

Proficient in PHP with the latest version 7.xx and master the concept of MVC.
Database knowledge - MySQL is an option.
Understanding: Linux, Apache, Git, indexing, cron, HTTP requests, caching technology (Vanish, FPC and Redis) etc.
To become a Magento 2 programmer is not difficult. All you need is persistence, constant learning and practice. “Practice Makes Perfect” , Also, try to join the Magento community. Along with that, you can also find a job to gain experience with Magento.

Thank you for reading the article.

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