What are some tasks that programmers should do to save time?

maheshkay profile image Mahesh K ・1 min read

Be it a newbie programmer or the senior level developers, we tend to waste a lot of time.

So for those who automate things or use existing tools or services to save time. e.g. auto sync your files on desktop, git commit your code after work etc.

What are some of the tasks that programmers should do to automate and save time?


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Writing bash scripts for deployment instead of typing it in the command line to speed up the process for deployment.


Task runner / or a CI box would be great for this.


Yup CI/CD saves the developer lots of time and effort.

Do DSL or some kind of CI/CD. Bash is one up on the command line, but automating the entire process and being able to have that in your project repo is gravy.


I wrote a script with node.js that automatically sets up my files for a new project. It not only gave me some practice with the node fs package but also saves me from typing touch and mkdir so many times.


You might find Yeoman worth a look. It's a similar idea, but you can write your own generators for it, and it gives you a nice API for asking questions so you can do things conditionally or pass in data.


This is cool! Definitely much more scalable once I get into building bigger applications!


If your system is taking too long to boot, you would profile it to see which programs are slowing the startup time down.

Do the same. Profile your work life. Check what takes the most of your time and, if needed, try to improve and save time on it.


Sync ~/ resouces. Dotfile projects are great for this.


Create a cookiecutter template for redundant structure


I wrote my own package boilerplate for Laravel, with access to Artisan for the generator commands. I went through a phase of creating loads of Laravel packages, and that saved me an awful lot of time.