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Team Declaration

Team Name - AmbaGMs

Name Student ID Number Github Handle
Team Leader Chamath Chinthana 2019CS021 @chamath428
Member 1 Pivithuru Hiruthma 2019CS059 @lordstarklk
Member 2 Navod Kamilka 2019CS164 @navodkamilka
Member 3 Kumud Perera 2019CS117 @kumudperera
Member 4 Maleesha Kavindi 2019CS046 @maleesha98

What we are building

Keeping alarms to remind personal stuff is a common feature nowadays.But more people have an bad habit of snoozing alarms nearly 5 or 10 mins when it start to ringing. Because of this, unnecessary busy created on people with regard of lot of problems.
To prevent this drowsy attitude from people, we thought to invent alarm app with special motivated features. GeTUp is the app which we build.

How we built it

[Initial Update]
Create Set Alarm page according to Retro theme

[Update 2]
Add functions and buttons to Set Alarm page to have more functionality
Create Home page UI with relative functions and buttons

[Final Update]
Create more functionality


We five learnt Dart,Flutter because of this competition.Actually, this competition lead us to learn new side of computing which we didn't even had simple touched.This is a big opportunity for us to enhance our coding knowladge.

Link to Code


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