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Discussion on: What is the best .zshrc config you have seen?

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Manan Joshi Author

Hey Tommy, I actually use yadm to manage my dotfiles. They are then pushed on to GitHub here. So whenever I want to set up a new machine the only thing I need to do is just clone that repo.

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Tommy Kolkman

D'oh! I should've known something like this exists - I'm gonna dive into that, thanks!

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Nice, I usually just version my entire Home directory, the process being to first add a .gitignore with * so that by default everything is ignored, and then I can force-add whatever I want to version (remember gitignore doesn't apply to anything that is already versioned).
That way I can also version my fonts folder, background-images folder and whatnot.

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Luis Martinez Suarez

Duh.... that is a great idea!!

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Thanks for sharing. I improved my .zshrc a lot since I saw this post. As I use my .zshrc on different machines I implemented an update before the edit.
And as I search for quite often for some strings inside of files I wrote a "find in files" function

alias findr='\fd'
#function for find strings in files
fif() {
    findr --type f $1|xargs grep -n -i  $2

    source ~/.zshrc
    backupToDrive ~/.zshrc
    echo "New .zshrc sourced."

    vim ~/.zshrc
    source ~/.zshrc
    backupToDrive ~/.zshrc
    echo "New .zshrc sourced."

updateYadm() {
    yadm pull

    yadm add ~/.zshrc
    yadm commit -m "updated .zshrc"
    yadm push
    echo "New .zshrc backed up to yadm."
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