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Discussion on: My Tech Wishlist

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Mani Gandham • Edited

What vendor lock-in is there with C#? The .NET Core framework is free, open-source and runs everywhere. Visual Studio Code is free, open-source and runs everywhere. The full Visual Studio IDE has a free Community and there's now a Mac version.

There are also 3rd-party tools like JetBrains Rider or you can just code in a text editor if you want. C# is also semantically miles ahead of Java (which is recently catching up with Java 9+, with many devs still choosing Scala or Kotlin instead) and one of the top-5 most loved languages on stackoverflow.

It has a very rich standard library, lots of community packages, and has the fastest full-featured web stack as measured by the TechEmpower benchmarks. Unity is also the preeminent cross-platform game development platform today and completely powered with C# on Mono, along with Xamarin for creating any other mobile apps.

The days of .NET being used to make some enterprise Windows desktop apps is long gone and I highly recommend anyone who hasn't tried it yet to discover one of the most productive language environments available today.

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Stéphane Bisinger

After your comment I did a quick research and apparently my information is outdated, just to further highlight how much Microsoft actually changed over the years. Thank you for pointing it out, this lowered my resistance to the .NET platform considerably!