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The Day After Work Eve

Tips to help re-adjust on the day after "Work Eve"

  • Take notes the day or two before an out-of-office(OOO) to review when you return
    • Make it a short story
    • Make it an outline with bullets of important aspects
  • Consider scheduling a few short videos calls that can be recorded (don't forget to ask!) to help capture and preserve most-important-tasks (MITs)
  • Be kind to yourself and create a simple To-do list of "chores" that can be performed when starting the return "to-work-day"


1. Clear Email
2. Remove Auto Replies
3. Standup
4. Read Slack Notes
5. Drink Coffee
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I took vacation starting December 14th, 2020, and have returned to work today January 4th, 2021 and it feels like forever since I was on my work laptop.

As I was pouring my morning coffee I thought to myself, "What was I working on?" and for a moment I felt a weird panic then I realized I took a few notes for myself on SublimeText before I went on vacation and also had a recorded Zoom call with my teammate prior to going on holiday.

I felt relieved.

Thanks, Past-Manny.


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