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Move fast move to Playwright

After working in several big compony that include testing and automation I discover Playwright.
I think that Playwright is very simple and fast tool for development.
You can create a Nodejs script for making automation of flow in your system or web scraping.
You also can use Playwright as E2E, an integration testing platform.
Playwright has its own test runner - @playwright/test that you can install as simple as NPM package.

Playwright test runner allows to:

  • Run tests across all browsers.
  • Execute tests in parallel.
  • Enjoy context isolation out of the box.
  • Capture videos, screenshots, and other artifacts on failure.
  • Integrate your POMs as extensible fixtures.
  • automate scenarios that require authentication (I think this feature is very useful).
  • Visual compare screenshots.
  • Customize reports.
  • Easy to debug.

Enjoy 😊

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